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GreenEdge Legacy science meeting to be held at Nice, Hotel Le Saint-Paul November 5-7, 2019

GreenEdge consortium members will be getting together in Le Saint Paul Hotel in Nice, France between November 5 and 7, 2019. The objectives of this meeting are
- to do a final overview of the results of the 2015 and 2016 GreenEdge campaigns,
- to evaluate the lessons learned and,
- to do a prospective regarding potential future operations.
Please contact the organizing comittee if you are planning to attend the meeting.

GreenEdge researcher Dr Annick Bricaud receives 2018 Jerlov Award

The Oceanography Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Annick Bricaud has been selected as the 2018 recipient of The Nils Gunnar Jerlov Award recognizing her contributions to the advancement of our knowledge of the nature and consequences of light in the ocean. Dr. Bricaud is recognized internationally for her groundbreaking contributions to ocean optics, which cover experimental and theoretical studies on seawater optical properties, fieldwork-based bio-optical relationships, and algorithms for deriving biogeochemical products from satellite ocean color.She is a senior research scientist at the Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (LOV), CNRS – Sorbonne Université, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, which she joined in 1976. Her 75 papers received the outstanding number of 11,400 citations, and many opened new avenues of research. Annick mentored numerous students, in France and worldwide, and has a long record of contribution to community service. She is among the first female researchers in optical oceanography.


1st GreenEdge PhD defense to be held at Banyuls-sur-mer, October 26, 2018

Laëtitia Dagaglio will defend her doctoral thesis at Banyuls-sur mer on October 26th. The title of her project is "Dynamique des communautés bactériennes en réponse au bloom phytoplanctonique dans l'océan Arctique et identification des acteurs microbiens impliqués dans la dégradation de la matière organique".


4th GreenEdge science meeting to be held at Campus Jussieu, UPMC February 6-8, 2018

International GreenEdge consortium members will be getting together in the Salle Panoramique of la Tour Zamansky on Campus Jessieu of Université de Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, France between February 6 and 8, 2018. The two and a half day meeting will be devoted to advancing the analysis and publication of results from the major Arctic research initiative. Please contact the organizing comittee if you are planning to attend the meeting.


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Participant List

GreenEdge session at Arctic Change Conference December 11-15, 2017

The GreenEdge project is the subject of two of the 60 Topical Sessions at the upcoming Arctic Change Conference which will be held at the Québec City Convention Centre December 11-15, 2017.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations addressing GreenEdge research are now being accepted by completing the online abstract submission form.

The deadline for abstract submission is September 22, 2017.

We strongly encourage everybody involved in the GreenEdge project to submit an abstract to either ECO02 or MON07. Please indicate whether you would prefer to give an oral or poster presentation. In the event that we are unable accommodate all of the requests for oral presentations, the sessions chairs will make an equitable selection, representative of the seven work packages.


3rd GreenEdge science meeting in La Vieille Capitale May 24-26, 2017

Fifty students and seasoned researchers got together for the third science meeting of the GreenEdge consortium at Auberge Saint-Pierre in Québec City May 24-26, 2017. The two and a half day meeting provided an excellent opportunity for researchers to present their results, obtain complementary data and discuss a publication and knowledge transfer strategy.


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GreenEdge researchers meet in Nice, France December 13-15, 2016

After a very successful 2016 field season, Canadian and American scientists joined their French collegues at Hôtel St Paul on the French Riviera between December 13 and 15, 2016 to reflect on the 2016 oceanographic and ice camp campaigns in Baffin Bay and to map out the collaborative analyses that will be necessary to treat the vast amount of data that were collected over the past two field seasons.


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The GreenEdge team bids farewell to Qikiqtarjuaq

After more than three months in the Hamlet of Qikiqtarjuaq, the last three members of the GreenEdge squeezed the last bit of equipment into the container that will be transported back to Québec City by Sealift and said goodbye to the community for another year. Between April 20 and July 27, more than 50 students and researchers from six French research institutions and three Canadian universities lived and worked in close harmony, studying the biogeochemistry, ecophysiology and physics of the Arctic Ocean as the ice receded and the seasons changed.

GreenEdge researchers finish a successful mission aboard the CCGS Amundsen

Between June 3 and July 14, 2016, CCGS Amundsen was dedicated to the GreenEdge project. Fifty-three students and scientists participated in the oceanographic mission in Baffin Bay. The campaign was coordinated by Flavienne Bruyart. GreenEdge's principal investigator, Marcel Babin, served as chief scientist for the first leg and Jean-Éric Tremblay took over for the second half of the mission. The Hamlet of Qikiqtarjuaq was inundated with GreenEdge researchers for the days preceeding and following the scientific crew change on June 23.

CCGS Amundsen weighs anchor for Baffin Bay

The CCGS Amundsen and her conplement of 75 scientific and Coast Guard crew left the port of Québec City for the 6-week GreenEdge oceanographic mission to Baffin Bay. The research icebreaker will visit stations along a quasi-transect at the latitude of the icecamp. You can follow the mission on the GreenEdge blog.

GreenEdge reasearchers return to Qikiqtarjuaq for the 2016 field season

The coordination team is in Qikiqtarjuaq to set up the ice- and land- research facilities in preparation for 2016 ice camp, located off the coast of Broughton Island. Approximately 50 French and Canadian researchers will participate in the mission. You can follow the adventure on the ice camp blog.


Annual meeting of GreenEdge researchers held in Paris, France, November 6-8, 2015

The international consortium of GreenEdge scientists met in Paris November 6-8, 2015. The meeting provided an opportunity for researchers to discuss the preliminary results from the 2015 ice camp and to plan for both the 6-week oceanographic mission aboard the CCGS Amundsen in June/July and the return to Qikiqtarjuaq in April 2016.


Meeting Agenda


For access to presentations, please contact UMI Takuvik.

GreenEdge ice camp subject of presentation at Lacanau Ocean

Joannie Ferland, a coordinator of the 2015 ice camp, and Emmanuel Giese, who spent a month in Qikiqtarjuaq cooking for the research team, presented the GreenEdge project to the general public in Lacanau Ocean (France) on October 29, 2015. They spoke about the fate of plankton in the face of climate change and its importance in the marine food web. For more information please check the Facebook page.


Journal de Médoc article about the event

GreenEdge researchers bid farewell to Qikiqtarjuaq as the 2015 field season comes to an end

After four months in Qikiqtarjuaq, Takuvik researchers and their collaborators have made their way back to their respective universities and research centers to treat the data they collected during the first field season of the GreenEdge project. Preliminary results reflect the quality of the data obtained during the very successful ice camp. Plans are already underway for 2016 ice camp and oceanographic mission.

Takuvik researchers arrive in Qikiqtarjuaq to install ice camp

Takuvik research associates Flavienne Bruyant, Guislain Becu and José Lagunas, University of Manitoba professor C.J. Mundy and photographer extraordinaire, Jean-Jacques Pangrazi arrived in Qikitarjuaq on March 15. They are busy constructing the ice camp infrastructure about 20 km south of the village. The first pictures of the camp show the conditions in which they are working.

Plans are underway for GreenEdge 2015 field campaign

The 2015 GreenEdge field campaign will be operated from an icecamp on landfast ice near Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut (67° 29.23N, 63° 38.00W). The camp will be set up in mid-March and snow, ice and water column processes will be continuously monitored until ice melt in late June - early July.

First plenary GreenEdge meeting to be held in Ottawa in December 2014

The scientists involved in the GreenEdge project met in Ottawa on December 8, 2014 in advance of the Arctic Change 2014 Conference.

GreenEdge communication project

The GreenEdge communication project, consisting of a 52-minute television documentary and 12 educational web videos, is being developped in collaboration with PARAFILMS, KNGFU, CRITERIUM and ECLATS DE LUMIERE. The first three web videos: i) The Arctic Ocean, ii)The Impact of Climate Change in the Arctic and iii) Ocean Currents, are currently in production thanks to three-year funding from the NSERC PromoScience program. Each web video is associated with a educational module geared to 11 to 15 year-old students that was developped by a team of secondary school teachers.

GreenEdge secures ANR funding

The GreenEdge project has received funding from the French National Research Agency (ANR). The money will support ship operations in 2016 and the work being done by French collaborators.

GreenEdge secures CNES funding

The GreenEdge project received funding from the Centre National d'Études Spatiales (CNES) to support remote sensing and ground truthing activities.